Looking for Light

Fen-Edge Encounters has moved on up the tracks. Occasional forays and encounters further afield can now be viewed at http://fitzwilly.wordpress.com and at http://dylaninfinsbury.wordpress.com




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4 responses to “Looking for Light

  1. Hi Stephen, sorry for the long delay in replying. I rarely look at this blog these days but it’s nice to know someone still is. It was something I undertook in 2010 but sadly I have done little blogging or walking since then. Surprisingly, the section on Fen dialect words seems to have attracted quite a lot of interest…keep walking

    • severnmeadows

      Thanks for reply. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to move on from an activity, but in case you share more in the future I’ll keep registered with this blog, and look forward to reading your thoughts and impressions.

    • John Lacey

      Hello Stephen,
      I have only just discovered your ‘Land-words’ blog which I find very interesting – it helped me solve the meaning of ‘delph’. I originate from the Lincolnshire marshes and recognise many of the words that are used there e.g. ‘Cradge Bank’ (bank bank!) at Spalding – a road that runs alongside the Welland bank.
      It seems a shame that your work is not being updated, it is a valuable source of information about something which like field names will die if not used. I can think of several words that could be added to the list.
      Best Regards,

  2. Stephen Wainman

    I came across your blog whilst searching for a definition of ‘elting soil’ in John Clare’s ‘November’. I’ll follow it with interest – we seem to be similar sorts of walkers. Thankyou.

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